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A Futuristic Time Travel Romance

by AB Raphaelle

Compelling & Fresh

Romance Novel

Reviewed in the United States on September 14, 2021

A wonderful and fresh read; a highly unique blend of elements- romance, poetry, spirituality, and a small dash of quantum physics! All mesh together to create a compelling story with dynamic characters. I appreciated the characters' innocence in the story- both through their dialogue and their actions. Meaning, this isn't an overly steamy novel with hyped up sex scenes every other page. Rather, the romantic scenes are well-placed, and well-paced, and quite moving. Aside from that, throughout the story, there are subtle lessons within that I feel we could all use- especially during these times! Overall, a fun, page-turning read!  ( Review)

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Available in

Paperback & Kindle eBook. FREE on Kindle Unlimited!


NOW also available on Audible audiobook!

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About WHEN WE WERE WARM: A Futuristic Time Travel Romance


Although it's a romance novel, it’s certainly not the typical romance—not by any stretch of the imagination.

As fantastic as it sounds, this story was inspired by a real-life experience of my own; an unusual vision I had in 2012—of a man with glimmering skin who approached me in the financial district of San Francisco.

The entire book is sprinkled with philosophical and spiritual insights—presented as lessons learned by the main characters, as they stumble awkwardly through various ordeals and adventures.

Although the two main characters, Abbie and Aroya, gradually develop supernatural powers, they still retain a certain naïveté—continuing on their adventures, perpetually unsure of themselves.

The main story is based on time travel and romance, obviously—but also running through the storyline are three other themes: the threat of losing our humanity, the importance of beauty, and the decay of San Francisco—which happens to be my hometown in real life; and also the home of my family for three generations.

One wonderful thing about time travel stories is their unending potential for successive adventures—and I do plan on continuing the series, both forward and backward in time.

Forming a personal relationship with my characters was absolutely essential for me to clearly hear their voices.

I fell in love with my characters to a degree that made me feel guilty for putting them through such hell at times—and sometimes I refused to stop writing if it meant leaving them in a difficult situation.


I would like to thank the Authors’ Lounge for inviting me to submit this article about my book, When We Were Warm: A Futuristic Time Travel Romance.

Snippets from my article at:  Authors' Lounge   (

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Shamanic Journeying to Find Answers:

A Visionary Meditation Journal

Hardcover & eBook


After years of visiting her adopted Indian family in Brazil, A.B. Raphaelle describes the process she learned for shamanic journeying to find answers to questions and obtain spiritual guidance.



Beautifully Illustrated Children's Storybook

by Angie Bird (aka: AB Raphaelle)




Anna and Fritz fall asleep beneath the canopy of a grand old tree. They dream of dancing with ancient people from another time. When they awake, they take a piece of their memory from the tree, and learn a valuable lesson.


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